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    You’re not getting far if your driveshaft is damaged or a U-joint is busted up. Not only do we balance heavy duty steel and aluminum driveshafts on our own machine, we also replace U-joints and yokes with high quality parts.

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Shock loads are usually to blame for driveline failure. Shock loads can be caused by popping the clutch, or by operating in a way that U-bolts or mating yokes become fractured. Fortunately, we can balance steel and aluminum driveshafts, straighten bolts and yokes out, or select replacement parts from our in-store inventory.

We stock driveline parts from Spicer, Neapco and these manufacturers:


If you’ve opted for an aluminum driveline, you may have done so for its light weight and high-torque tolerance, but not for its lesser durability. If your heavy duty aluminum driveline is out of balance or otherwise busted up, we’re the ones to get things straightened out—W.C. Supply is the only shop in the area with a Heliarc aluminum welder on staff.

Aluminum Drivelines Driveshafts


While heavier and not as limber as aluminum, not much is tougher than steel. Tried and true as they are, steel drivelines can still get bent out of shape. When it happens, W.C. Supply can repair or rebuild, balance, and even lengthen or shorten your heavy duty steel driveshaft.

Steel Drivelines Driveshafts