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Custom truck drive shafts in Tyler, TX

Does there seem to be miscommunication between your gas pedal and steering? You might be dealing with a drive shaft issue. Truck drive shafts are responsible for sending torque from the engine of your vehicle to its wheels. Visit WC Supply Co. in Tyler, TX for a large selection of aluminum, steel, PTO and agriculture heavy-duty drive shafts.

We use dynamic balancing after repairing truck drive shafts and offer custom-made new assemblies to get you back out on the road. Call 903-597-2363 today to learn more about our available drive shaft parts.

How can you tell your drive shaft might need repairs?

How can you tell your drive shaft might need repairs?

Your drive shaft is an essential part of your truck, and you'll know when it needs repair or replacement. Pay attention to:

  • Shaking or vibrating in the steering wheel
  • Loud squeaking or banging noises
  • Trouble turning the wheel

Don't risk extending downtime or injury. Shop our wide selection of heavy-duty drive shafts at WC Supply in Tyler, TX.